Dicatur Musice

Internationally known as the "Voice of Aggieland", The Singing Cadets is Texas A&M University's premier men's chorus. Now in our 110th touring season, we will be performing over 70-80 concerts this year throughout Texas and the United States.

The purpose of the Singing Cadets shall be to enhance the public relations of Texas A&M University through musical presentations as deemed appropriate by the director. The four pillars of the Singing Cadets are Purpose, Unity, Spirit, and Honor. Together, these four pillars have formed the solid foundation that has inspired and enabled our organization to succeed in carrying out its purpose for over a century. 


Auditions for Fall 2014


Even though the Fall Semester is over 3 months away, we start holding auditions for it very soon! Students who are attending their New Student Conferences will be able to audition during the 'Pre-Day' before the official start of each conference. The auditions will be held between 5:30 and 6:30 PM in the Choral Activites Office, which is located in room L110 in the Memorial Student Center.

For more information about the audition process, please visit our Auditions Page.

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