Jonathan Kocmoud '17


Hometown: College Station, TX

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Rolls

Favorite Aggie Tradition: My favorite tradition at Texas A&M University would have to be the Aggie Ring.  This little lump of gold means a whole lot.  It signifies 4+ years of hard work and determination.  There is also a lot of symbolism associated with it.  First off, there are the symbols within the design of the ring itself.  But beyond that, the Aggie Ring is a visible sign of unity within the Aggie Family.  For one thing, the design of the rings has not changed extensively since 1894.  Another lesser-known thing is that the Aggie Network has an extensive lost and found system.  Because each ring is engraved with the graduate’s name, anyone that reports a found ring will be put in touch with the owner.  There are many incredible stories as a result of this lost and found network.

Interesting Fact: As a result of my love for music, I am currently pursuing a Music Minor.


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