The Texas A&M Singing Cadets began in 1893 at Texas A&M College as the all male glee club. Since that time, the Singing Cadets have grown to receive national acclaim performing each year for more people than any other collegiate choral group in the United States. They travel each year across Texas, throughout the United States, and abroad spreading the Aggie Spirit through the gift of music. This gift has won the hearts of Aggies and non-Aggies alike. Brought together by their common love for and devotion to their school, the Singing Cadets are comprised of male Aggies who volunteer their time for long rehearsals and more than 70 performances each year. Their reward comes in the form of enthusiastic audiences, gracious host families, and service to Texas A&M. Each member works hard to reach the group’s common goal of excellence, and through their dedication continue to make the Singing Cadets the Voice of Aggieland.


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